CEO Message

CEO Message

Direct Trading Award Establishment, DATE, is proud of its leading role in projects developments in Saudi Arabia. The company has succeeded since its establishment to excel in all its contracts and dealings due to the futuristic approach in working in the different sectors.

DATE strives to provide the best results while keeping its core objective of the adoption of the diversification concepts by bringing the best quality products for the regional and international markets.

To achieve its mission and role, DATE has worked on getting exclusive products to the Saudi market. Its products are known for being of international quality standards.

DATE has also worked on hiring the most qualified staff in its sector, providing continuous training and work for Saudi employees based on its strategy in offering long-term employment focusing on transparency and partnership with its customers.

DATE will continuously work to stay ahead of its competitors to cater to the Saudi market providing best quality products, prices and service for its clients.

DATE, with the help of God, will always work to achieve excellent communication and coordination with its partners, being clients, suppliers and employees, drawing the strategies that will result in continuous growth to achieve success. 


Mohamed Yehia Itani